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In the Art House we design and build replicas of mummies from the Chinchorro culture for museums and educational institutions. Our works are completely based on the originals; they are made by expert artist and restorer Paola Pimental Rocafull and her team. These replicas are vitally important as they are useful teaching tools, for study and exhibition. They also protect the original mummies, which are of immeasurable value, which permits this culture to be recognized in the whole world.   The Art House is located in the city of Arica Chile, where the first mummies belonging to this ancient culture were found, in the surroundings of the Chinchorro beach, in 1917 by the German archaeologist Max Hule. It is for this reason that we have taken on the responsibility of raising awareness about this culture that was developed by an ancient group of fishermen, by means of constructing replicas in order to educate and protect this cultural heritage left to us by our ancestors. According to studies carried out with ultra-modern technology, the Chinchorro mummies are the most ancient archaeological objects of this kind in the world; they are even older than the famous Egyptian mummies, which were however, the product of a belief system of a much more developed civilization. For this reason, these findings carried out here in South America contradict the well-established theory in the scientific community which stipulates that only advanced societies could produce such elaborate procedures and belief such as these. So, if your institution would like to possess replicas of such important objects, you can request them in this way, and the Art House will elaborate an ad-hoc project with you according to your needs. You can visit our galleries on this web-site so that you can evaluate the quality and accuracy of our work and you can also learn more via our visitor’s book. (Well, goodbye for now – we hope that one day you will be able to visit our beautiful city. See you soon!)


Chinchorro Mummy in miniature Creative: Paola Pimentel Rocafull
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Creative:Johel Vaos
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